• Don’t Fear The Root Canal: Modern And Painless

    For generations, the idea of a root canal was enough to elicit winces and grimaces from everyone, even those who’ve never had one. There was a pervasive idea that the procedure was so painful that people would regularly use it as a yardstick for misery, with phrases like “I’d rather get a root canal then…” […]

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  • Retainers & why we wear them

    Most of us are familiar with braces, those complex and somewhat scary looking metal constructions that we had as kids to straighten out our crooked teeth. Fewer are familiar with retainers, though they are often associated in the minds of those fortunate ones who didn’t need braces with those who have had them. So what […]

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  • waterpik


    Waterpik dental jets play a huge role in reducing bacteria in a person’s mouth and improving their overall oral health. This unique tool shoots a strong jet of water between teeth, underneath appliances, and in areas where your toothbrush might not be able to reach. One of the most common complaints of people who wear […]

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  • bacteria in mouth

    Here’s How Bacteria in the Mouth Affects the Body

    It might seem like a gross over statement, but the truth is, your mouth is an entryway to the rest of your body. Because of this your oral health plays a major role in the overall health of your body. If your mouth is unhealthy, then chances are the rest of your body is unhealthy […]

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  • man brushing his teeth

    Want to improve your oral health? Try Not Rinsing After You Brush

    Brushing your teeth is one of the most important parts of your daily routine. In fact, if you didn’t brush your teeth you’d find yourself having a hard time eating, drinking, and talking. After all, that’s what your teeth help you do and when you don’t brush you suffer from decay and lose your teeth. […]

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  • Doctor doing dental treatment to his patient in clinic. Teeth inspection and repair concept

    Periodontal Disease and Prevention

    Periodontal disease is one of the most common dental ailments we see in patients. In fact, over three million people in America suffer from this disease. Periodontal disease must be diagnosed by a medical professional and requires treatment from a medical professional. Never try treating it on your own. What is periodontal disease? Periodontal disease […]

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  • Exam of womans teeth after applying EQUIA glass fillings

    EQUIA Forte Filling Material

    There’s a procedure in the world of dental restoration that’s been proven to be an incredible alternative to long-term routine fillings typically used in dental restorations. EQUIA glass fillings have been used for several years in patients who have a high rate of decay. They’re a great long term option when compared to traditional composite […]

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  • Child sitting on her mothers lap interacting with her dentist for the first time

    First Visit for Your Child

    Being a first-time parent comes with many new experiences. The entire experience is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. With so many options to choose from, understanding how to care for your child can be confusing. Not surprisingly, one of the most common questions Dr. Laudie hears from new parents is when they […]

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  • A Overview of Dry Mouth

    What is Dry Mouth? Most people have had the experience of trying to swallow and realizing that their mouth is dry. Some people have dry mouth because they’re dehydrated. Other people may have their mouth dry out due to a strong wind as they’re walking down the street. This is a temporary concern that generally […]

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  • blog-post-featured-image

    Nutrition – What Is Best For My Teeth?

    Nutritious food cannot take the place of good oral hygiene, but making healthy choices can have a positive impact on teeth and gums. Dr. Jacob Laudie and his team at Jacob Laudie Dental are passionate about the well-being of their patients. They offer a wealth of information on how a well-balanced diet that includes calcium, […]

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