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Why Dr. Laudie became a Dentist

It is not the depth of one’s education or knowledge that makes a person successful in a chosen career path, it is his or her compassion for others. It was Dr. Jacob Laudie’s respect for family and concern for others that inspired him to become a Lees Summit dentist in Lees Summit, MO.

Heart of a True Humanitarian

Dr. Laudie took several dental mission trips to different parts of the country, where he was able to not only further his education, but provide dental services to people in need. Too many people go without quality dental care, due to personal or financial reasons. Through this experience, he learned the importance of building professional and personal working relationships with the people he works with and those he serves.

Dr. Laudie provides complete dental care for children, their parents, and other members of the immediate family at his Lees Summit dental practice. However, he has a special connection with children and it shows in his work. His ideal of good dental care begins with early prevention and continual service.

Knowing is Only Half of the Battle

Dr. Laudie believes that patients who are kept abreast of the latest technological advances in dental care, make the best decisions. He wants to educate families about the new and exciting equipment and tools dentists use to create great smiles, and repair broken, missing, or damaged teeth.

The dentist office was once a scary place to visit. Large grinding machines with loud sounds coming from the framework, people walking around with their faces covered in a mask and other strange tools were all part of the dental scene. For younger children, this was a nightmare. Through education and experience, Dr. Laudie shows his patients that technology is new, innovative, and very beneficial in correcting delayed dental problems.

New Technology Improves Smiles and Erases Fear

Through efficient and successful dental procedures and quality products, families can retain their natural teeth longer, and enjoy a healthy smile. Products like Invisalign, implants, veneers, and crowns make it possible for people to experience higher self-esteem. Dr. Jacobs wants to restore the confidence people once had, when their teeth were healthy.

It is his goal to provide families with permanent dental solutions while meeting their highest expectations. The road to healthy teeth and gum begins with a professional dental exam including high definition digital x-rays. Don’t let a crooked smile, stop you from believing in yourself.

Schedule an appointment today and let Dr. Laudie help you on the road to a healthy, confident smile. You owe it to yourself to look your best.

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